Nancy Anderson

Nancy’s Wendi successfully completed the requirements for her UKC Excellent Handler Discrimination title on May 26, 2017 and is now titled EHD EN CH BAR LO'S WENDI FROM HEARTTHROBS. She will be 13 in December. On to AKC scent work if her health remains good.

Gloria and Terry Ter Wee

Gloria & Terry  welcomed their first grandbaby on July 27, 2017!  It’s a boy named Easten Wayne Ter Wee. Also Terry “Turbo” Ter Wee has been promoted as the new B-2 Sustainment Chief Engineer with Northrop Grumman. Terry has been with them since 2006 after a 20+ year career in the USAF.

What Our Members Are Doing

Our Members at the 2017 SCA National

l-r: Gloria TerWee, Lee Ann Stusnick, Jim Fowler, Claudia Fowler, Deb Decker, June Moore, Beth Lilly, Edie DuGosh and Lezlie Hall.

l-r back row: Lezlie Hall, Beverly Henry, Sherry Gill, Kathy Chebret, Beth Lilly, Deb Decker

l-r front row: Tom White, Theresa Clark, Kathy Gaul-Montgomery, Lee Ann Stusnick, Jim Fowler, Claudia Fowler

Our Members at the 2015 SCA National

Micki Lu and Pip

Micki is a member of our club. Pip is her Schipperke service dog. To keep up with Pip and his adventures go to:

Micki and Pip have also been participating in barn hunt competitions.